Aim & Objective

Aim - Excellence in Education

We wish not only to tell , explain and demonstrate but also inspire our students . We wish to emphasize more the method of teaching than the contents . We aim to spread our wings to provide quality education and carry forward the motto of ' service before self ' in true spirit of dedication and selflessness.

Motto - Service Before Self

We want to create such an atmosphere as would help create necessary understanding and conscious desire to recondition the actions, habits, interests and new patterns of behaviour in the children of this Atomic Age. We want to create such social conditions as would allow the children every individual freedom to grow and evolve according to their own temperament and capacities.

A Word To The Parent
Education of the child is not the exclusive responsibility of the school. Parents can and should play an important role in shaping and building the career of their children. The interaction between parents and children is highly educative. Home is the place where the child learns the first lesson of living together, working together, working with cooperation, and learning the lesson of mutual help and understanding. Hence, close cooperation between the parent who is the first teacher and the teacher who is the second parent is the very foundation on which rests the fruitfulness of the training imparted in our institution. Harmonious relationship between the school and the parent is of utmost importance for the growth of the child. Parent-teacher cooperation is based on a thorough understanding of triangular relationship among the parent, the teacher and the child. Parents as well as teachers are interested in the welfare of the child, in proper growth of the personality of the child. Hence, the efforts of both the parents and the teachers need to be united. And for this unification it is absolutely essential that the parents and the teachers find opportunities of meeting each other to obtain a proper appraisal of each other's problems. Parent-teacher meetings provide these valuable opportunities to the parents to discuss the problem/progress of their wards. Your ward's almanac is an important link between you and the school. Encourage your ward to maintain the school discipline so as a parent you can keep a proper track of all activities of your ward.