Message From Administrator

Knowledge prevails over the evil of illiteracy and the light of education dispels the darkness of ignorance. Hence, education is a must. WORDSWORTH has said, "The child is the father of man". Hence, we take proper care of a child from the very beginning. A child is like a brook. A brook or a small stream emerges from the mountain top and flows down the hills and across valleys to empty into the river. Like the brook man is energetic, lively and moves swiftly when he is young but slows down later in lifejust like the brook does before it empties into the river. From the very beginning we teach the children the lessons of determination, patience and perseverance. All difficulties melt away before a strong determination. Patience and perseverance can overcome mountains, Our main aim is to give the society such youths as would help create revolutions in the fields which they choose.
I am grateful and thankful to all my well wishers and to all those directly or indirectly concerned with our school.

Nandini Sharma